Since 1997 The Event Group has had the privilege of working with some amazing entertainers, such as Robin Williams, Bonnie Raitt, Paul Anka, Ringo Starr and many more. Through years of experience we have built a great reputation with premiere agents around the world and this gives our clients the ability to tap this network for their events.

If you’re looking to book your event talent direct, consider these ideas and suggestions.

Go Local

For local entertainment such as bands, emcees, DJs, clowns, magicians, and more, The Event Group works exclusively with PM Gigs in Calgary. Pat McGannon, the owner of PM Gigs, is also a musician with the Dino Martinis, one of the best corporate and wedding party bands in Alberta. Pat knows what entertainers need and he always delivers on time and on budget. PM Gigs charges a percentage to book – but this commission comes off the entertainers’ end – so working with a local promoter like PM Gigs can save you a lot of time and energy.

Going Big

Need a headlining name? You should be calling the professionals. Most agents like William Morris, AG, Feldman, or the Agency Group will not return your calls or give you the time of day. If they do chat with you, you’re going to be paying almost double what we would be able to negotiate for you. Negotiation and experience is key. Another factor is the production of the show. Someone who can call the show – manage the lights, sound, stage, venue, etc. – is needed. Attempting to be your own stage manager could kill your event, so go with a professional.

Sound, Lights, Rider…

Booking the band is the first cost you will incur. You also have to include all the sound and lighting, and then comes the rider. The rider will review the bands transportation requirements and what they need for the show itself – their food and beverage requirements, their dressing room needs, their security, a runner, etc. The band’s booking fee never covers all of the extras, so make sure you review the entertainers rider before you sign a contract.

What Do You Really Need?

Make sure you understand your event needs and your audience. If people expect to dance, getting a classic rock band is not going to cut it. If you want background music, a jazz trio might be just fine and a full band might be too much. As with your entire event plan, make sure you have your goals and objectives clearly defined and make sure you pass this on to your entertainers. You would hate to have a band announce to your guest their hatred for big oil companies when one of your biggest clients is an oil company and is sitting in the audience.