Corporate giving and event sponsorship are part of an effective communications plan. The Event Group works with our clients to develop creative strategies to secure a return on this investment.

All sponsorship and charitable given plans are not created the same. Traditionally these plans are managed on a twelve month basis and are worked through in partnership with a firm’s communication goals and objectives. In developing a corporate sponsorship and/or charitable giving plan The Event Group works within these areas:

  • Determine and/or develop marketing and communications strategies
  • Determine and/or develop key corporate giving strategies
  • Determine annual sponsorship and corporate giving budgets
  • Develop a detailed sponsorship and corporate giving plans
  • Determine what groups, programs, events, and mediums the sponsorship and charitable plan will participate with
  • Manage and direct the sponsorship and charitable giving plans in partnership with key stakeholders
  • Develop the key events, programs, and key marketing directives required by the plans
  • Evaluate all partnerships and programs associated with each plan

To discuss how The Event Group can assist your team please contact:
David Howard
President, The Event Group

**The Event Group does not solicit or secure sponsorship or charitable donations on behalf of any groups.**