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Invitations Set The Mood

Make sure the invitation you send out sets the tone for the party, including the theme, dress, etc. It is your first impression to your guests. E-vites are fun and easy to customize.

Invite A Good Mix of People

Work, social, family – mix it up. Stay away from the same-old same-old.

Have fun

Don’t get to caught up in the details. Too many times the hosts are in the kitchen and miss the action. Add some flair with some games and contests. For example, you could order pizza from five different places and pick you Oscar winner.

Involve Your Guests

Get them involved by giving them a task – bartending, bringing food, planning a game, etc.

Music Matters

With all the music services on the Internet, you can create a special Oscar disc for the pre- and post-party. Theme the music to the awards and nominees, and make it a game in which guests can guess what the song is, what movie it is from, and who sang it.

Don’t Run Out

Food and booze can make or break any event, so make sure you have enough on hand. If you’re on a budget, send out for pizza and make it a wine and beer event or ask guests to bring their favorite concoction. If you have a bigger budget, have the party catered. And food is always a great topic of conversation. In the end, ask guests to vote on their favorite dish. And the Oscar goes to…

Self-serve is Always a Good Idea

Set up food and bar stations. It helps the guests mingle and keeps you from having to run around. A fun idea is a sundae bar, or wine stations where you can encourage your guests to try them all and vote on their favorite.

Plan Your Seating

If it is a seated meal, make a plan. Keep couples away from each other. Mix it up and make sure guests are seated with someone they know and someone they don’t. It is always fun to sit boy–girl–boy–girl and then after each course have the guys get up and move a spot to their left. The more people mingle the better the event will be.

Set the Mood

Flowers and lighting add to the atmosphere. Movie posters and cardboard cut outs of movies starts add to the fun. See if you can pick up some thing at your local video store. Add a red carpet at the entrance of your house – a red blanket folded properly will work also. Have more than one viewing area, and take a Polaroid of the guests as they arrive – or take digital picture and email it to them afterwards.

Add Some Games

You can download the list of nominees from the Oscar website. Hand these out to your guests at the beginning of the party and have everyone pick their winners. Individual prizes can be given for correct picks and one grand prize for the guest with the most correct.

Academy Awards Bingo! This is fun even for the kids, because even if they don’t know any of the actors or films they probably know how to play bingo! You can make the game easy for kids (spotting dresses by color) or fun for adults by looking out for key movements like a celebrity saying “I want to thank my mother.”


Hire a limo to deliver your guests and provide an extra air of glamour – not to mention a safe ride home.


If your party is adults-only, offer to help provide a babysitter. Or, decorate a themed kids’ room with plenty of entertainment to keep the tots occupied and the adults free to relax.

Food and Drink at your Oscar Party

Champagne is of course the nectar of such celebrations like the Oscars. Moet White Star is the champagne that is served at the official Academy Awards Party. But if champagne beats your bank account there are great sparkling wines available that are great and cost-effective.